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Volunteer Recognition


Message from Pam:

Welcome to some of the most appreciated people in Presque Isle. Here is what I mean, “Those who can,   do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”

To the daily volunteers who keep this library open, and meet the needs of our users. They gather items on the paging list, package them up to ship out to requesting libraries, and wait for delivery to arrive, when again they bounce into action, checking in these items, organizing them, and phone the card holders with the happy news that their requested items have arrived.  They also answer the phone, shelf books and read the shelves. It warms by heart when a volunteer returns from the shelves with a book in hand saying, “I need to check this one out.”   Some of you have found a specialty niche; Pat reigns over the magazines, and Joan Ann rules over the MAC. Ken and Jim catalog, and Ken also places the Memorial Bricks.

I would like to give my assistant, Jim some praise as a volunteer too, as he puts in more hours than he gets paid for.

Where would this library be without our active Friends Group? They are the worker bees who provide this library with the extra funds to purchase new materials, furniture, and more, to enhance the décor of their library. Pam W. and Jorja put in many hours a week selling donated books on Amazon. PamW also heads up the Annual Book Sale.

The Board of Trustees are also volunteers. They support the director, and work behind the scenes to help this library run smoothly.

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

We have a lot of people doing something here, and I am glad we have this time to celebrate together.

A special thank-you to all who have given your time and talents to build the soul of this library into a jewel that our town can be proud of.

“The gift of time is priceless.”